artist statement

Why I make art In the process of painting, drawing and taking photos I can reflect on myself, dive into a present state of mind : thoughts about darkness, about being myself, Fernweh, experiences and continuous changes. For me it’s the easiest way to express myself. By creating, I appreciate most the learning process. I feel connected to art as a medium of expressing myself as I feel that the language of art is universal, there are no boundaries, endless possibilities, there is no stygmatisation. You can see the magic between the layers of our daily life. It reminds me of how children see the world: they live in fairy tales and can still find fascination in everything. I use to compare the process of creating to a therapy: you meditate in the state of doing, there is no right or wrong answer and everything makes sense for a short moment as you are totally in the present. When a work is going well, for a short moment I am filled with a sense of gratefulness and happiness and this makes it worth it. I learned.

How do I make art As I use different techniques, like collage, watercolor, acrylic or photography as a medium, I can express my thoughts in different forms of articulation. In the beginning, I sometimes have a precise vision that I feel the need to give attention to . I follow my inner voice to do something about it. Sometimes I see exactly how I want the result to look, on the other hand there are moments that I rather just give myself a starting point and let energies flow.

My art My works are inspired by people around me, close friends and family, travels, literature and nature. But also music has a significant impact on my works, such as rhythm and lyrics.

Barcelona, a city which captured me from the first moment, a city in which the feeling of freedom inspired me on my personal and professional level. As much as I feel connected to Barcelona, Luxembourg’s forests are calling me on a regular level. On my homeland’s earth I find peace from city life and collect nature’s beauty as inspiring inputs. A simple walk in nature can fascinate me each time, discovering its colors, shapes and patterns.

I can reflect these inputs in different techniques. Collage gives me the ability to develop and tell a story. In acrylic painting, my deep connection to the color black comes through. Black has always kept a strong attraction towards me. I characterize it as a passionate color, there is something unknown, mysterious about it, a statement. Through the medium of photography on the other hand, I can express sensitivity.